Hurricane Florence the damage so far

Hurricane Florence the damage so far

Hurricane Florence has caused wide spread damages starting with heavy gushes of wind and rain. The tropical-storm winds have started battering portions of North Carolina coast and the threat of tornadoes is drawing inland as water levels rise. The storm surge is also worsening the high tides in the Atlantic Ocean.

Though the Hurricane was initially categorised as Category 4 it has been downgraded to a Category 2 and then later to Category 1 the 40 inches of rain and storm surges could rise as high as 13 feet thus making the danger very real.

“Flooding and the storm surge — those are the two main things that kill people, and this storm is not letting up,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Thursday.

200,000 people are already without power and the numbers are likely to rise because of the floods and high winds.

Officials have urged that everyone must evacuate and not doing so or delaying it can put the life of rescuers at risk as well. “You’re potentially risking the life of a first responder who would try to come and help you, and we don’t need that, I know it’s difficult to move, and I know that you are leaving things behind that you don’t want to leave behind, but no possession is worth your life.”

Here are some videos and photos of the wreck caused by Hurricane Florence uploaded by @wxii12news :