How to not get bored at office or in a meeting ?

  1. Walk around – Make it a habit to not sit for longer than an hour at your desk.Get fresh air, talk to a colleague or a friend.
  2. Listen to EDM or post rock – Every office goers best friend are headphones. Unless you are all alone in the office always resort to keeping headphones and jamming to some music. It might distract you for a while but it can also up lift your mood. We have a track list of tracks that could help you (read article ) But otherwise just sulk away with your liking . Just comment below with a few good tracks too.
  3. Bubble wrap – Have a roll of bubble wrap in your desk. Keep popping it when you are upset or office politics is getting under your skin.
  4. Meditation – Sit at your desk in a upright position, take off your blazer and be at ease. Close your eyes and deep breath in and out. If the office is loud but cotton balls or ear plugs to block it off for few mins.
  5. Essential oils – Sometimes your colleague is really annoyed or you are upset with the meeting schedules changed. Buy a bottle of essential oils that come with wooden sticks. These oils help you destress and feel at ease. Aromatherapy is the best.
  6. Doodle – Not everyone’s a great artist, but don’t limit urself to scribbling the pages when you are bored. You can also keep a few spare pages or a mini blank sketchbook and do a jean basquiat style etchings when you are attending phone calls.
  7. To do list – prioritising and listing all the tasks that need to be completed during a day can rev up your adrenaline and get you motivated to complete the tasks due for the day