How to increase footfall of a restaurant

How to increase footfall of a restaurant

How to increase footfall of a restaurant

Since competition amongst restaurants is fierce it’s really important to have a strategy that defines your brand so much so that the customer keeps coming back to you for more. In case of a restaurant you are selling much more than just dishes you are supporting it with an ambience and your staff’s delightful attitude. It’s about being an allrounder and you cant win at having the best dishes if your staff is rude or your place isn’t neat and hygienic.

Branding – The reason people pursue to study branding for years at a time is cause of its importance in any field. Whether you SMB or MNC you need to have people remember your logo or your slogan cause visuals imprint on the mind. That is why MNC’s pay millions of dollars to keep their strategy about developing and using their logo right. When you see that brand logo its a sense of comfort in knowing the quality and efficiency or in this case taste of the product.

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Catering – Providing food & beverages for events, parties, festivals, beach parties or at concerts is not just a way to way make more money it enables you to reach out to a wider audience. Keep an agent or involve your marketing department in taking such requests. 

–  Public parks and recreational spots have spaces dedicated for hosting outdoor gatherings, enquire about the same and get people interested via digital channels, with traditional flyers at the restaurant or with the local tourism body and make it happen once every month. 

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Food Samples
– Provide samples for customers to try when they go home. Example –Handmade Jams, Pickles, cookies, seasoning packs

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Birthday/anniversary celebration – Give free meal for people celebrating their birthday/anniversary

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Encourage Social following – Create content by using what your customers snap. Encourage your customers to snap them and tag your account that way you are getting more posts with inquisitive content thus increasing and building loyal fans 

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Photography – Pay your cousin or a professional photographer to take professional photos of your meals to place them on sites like Zomato or Yelp! . Post chef and staff and speak about their simple skills or tricks

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Invite small time performers to perform a song or dance at the restaurant.

Create mini DIY videos of leftover foods found at home –Create mini clips to show how to use almost spoilt vegetables/ingredients. This technique may require a bit of funding but its worth as it may develop a cult following. To make it easier you can shoot it and compose as gifs.

Theme nights – Have special theme events to celebrate a festival or have a special night – Chocolate night or Halloween week (create special dish of the day, dress code your staff with simple tie; hat or pins add decoration or modify lights if you think the crowd will be at large during that day or days )

Being avid foodies, and travelling to countries this article was written with recommendations and ideas received from chefs, entrepreneurs and customers

Featured image by Henri Joubert