Highlights from Apple’s Keynote event 2018

Highlights from Apple’s Keynote event 2018

As every September draws near everyone is excited about apple’s Keynote event. This year was as fascinating as any, gathering many to stand in awe and others fell off their chair laughing at the new updates and upgrades.

The firm’s launch event took place at the Steve Jobs theatre at its Apple Campus in California.

The event started with the awe-inspiring, simple and sheek Apple Watch. The display of the watch has been pushed to the corners increasing the viewing size, they have curved the corners to match the shape of the watch. This watch is the 4th series and is slimmer, thus reducing the total volume in comparison to the previous watch but it’s bulkier than the old one.

The watch has a new face that has 8 new complications such as adding your contacts to the frontal design to enable easier access, the watch can also be customised to make it an “ultimate fitness watch”

The most incredible feature of the watch was the “Fall detect” feature. That’s right the apple watch can analyse Risk trajectory and impact acceleration to determine when a fall occurs, it sends an emergency SOS and if you stay immobile for than a minute it sends a emergency call and also sends a message with location details to your emergency contact.

The newest and first time feature is the ability o take an ECG – electrodes to the back sapphire crystal in the digital crown they detect electrical impulses from the heart beat and escorts them to the S4 chip which converts them to signals for algorithms the entire process takes 30 seconds. The report the ECG generates can be used by doctors to view the heart’s performance. The watch is also said to have an 18-hour battery life.

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Pre-orders for the watch start on Friday, and shipping will begin on the 21 September.

Apple has discontinued the iPhone X with the introduction of its three new iPhones :

  1. iPhone XS – Finally the iPhone has dual sim capability so you can use two numbers on the same phone at the same time. The camera has an added depth of field feature as in you can adjust how blur the background is by using a new slider.
  2. iPhone XS Max – All the iPhone’s have got upgrades on the camera capacity thanks to its A12 Bionic chip. The dual 12MP camera on the back of the device, has a wide lens and telephoto lens. The  true-depth camera system enables users to take Portrait Mode photos.
  3. iPhone XR – The iPhone XR is made from aerospace grade aluminium with durable glass and is almost edge less which makes way for their new haptic touch feature that allows you to control and touch the sides of the device. It has a single rear camera with wide angle lens. It comes in six colours- white, black, blue, coral, yellow, red.

The iPhone XS has shown that multiple users can use the augmented reality features and the sound improvements makes games even more immersive. The A12 Bionic Chips is energy efficient, has an 8-core design,runs faster than previous processors. The A12 Bionic Chip can also run advanced machine learning.