What is the good news about Running?

What is the good news
Running is a routine sport useful for the body.

What is the good news about Running? Keeping running helps to reduce body fat, and it is known that sports are very important in everyday life, where they maintain health and fitness.

What is the good news about Running?

Running is a routine sport useful for the body as follows:

Running lowers blood pressure and raises the level of good “high cholesterol” in the blood.

• It strengthens the muscles used in performing this sports activity and makes it firm. Which helps overcome the problem of relaxation of breasts in women. In addition to the effectiveness of running in strengthening the immune system.

• Light running or jogging during menstruation helps to reduce the pain caused by the mentioned period and the inherent vaginal contractions.

• Sports experts advise reducing the training dose during the last stages of pregnancy, and after childbirth. Because women are more vulnerable to injuries.

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What is the good news

Running is a routine sport useful for the body.

Training program

There are specific points in the training program that will bear fruit in injury prevention:

• Running Place:

It is advisable to practice fast running on the dirt ground, which helps in exercising muscles evenly.

• Warm-up and elongation exercises:

A muscle is efficient when it reaches full elongation when it can perform strong performance and less effort.

• Calming periods:

slow jogging after hard work, to recover, by removing the lactic acid accumulated after physical activity, as it reaches the muscle to the stage of rest.

It is advisable to put bags of ice cubes on the feet, after the completion of training, which helps to relax and eliminate the feeling of pain and fatigue.

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