Walking everyday has benefits for human body


“Walking is a man’s best medicine?” , saying Hippocrates. But what if a healthy diet & good sleeping is added to walking?! No more worries & visits to doctors are needed. Walking for 15-30 minutes daily improves health in addition to overall appearance of a person.

Walking is an easy sport benefits mind & body with less required efforts.

Walking helps in keeping brain changes always positive by reducing risk of Alzheimer, mental stress in addition to keeping a high level of endorphins.

Believe or not, eyes benefits from legs movements. They benefit from walking to relieve pressure on eyes through fighting glaucoma.

Heart diseases, strokes can be prevented by walking. According to American Heart Association, walking improves circulation of the blood in addition to reducing cholesterol levels.

As walking is considered an aerobic exercise, it helps in eliminating toxins and waste from lungs through increasing flow of oxygen in bloodstream.

Believe or not, walking prevents diabetes by helping cells to absorb blood sugar 6 times effective than running.

30 minutes of walking daily helps in improving constipation & digestion, regulating bowel movements that lowers the risk of colon cancer.

10,000 steps a day counted as an actual workout in a gym that helps in weight loss & muscle tone in overweight cases.

Walking 30 minutes daily reduces pain in joints, stiffness and inflammation by providing more joint mobility accompanied with loss of bone mass & reducing fractures.

Joyfull walk with a friend improves mood for anyone suffers major depression disorders or feels down or exhausted.

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