US study confirms a link between air pollution and child suicide

air pollution

aAir pollution undoubtedly causes serious damage to humans and negatively affects the environment. Perhaps the most affected are children.

It showed that exposure to air pollution makes children more vulnerable to

  • Mental disorders
  • The anxiety leading to suicide

A link between air pollution and child suicide

Environmental Health Perspectives suggest that children living in neighborhoods in need of care may be more vulnerable to

  • The effects of air pollution than other peers.

Dr. Cole Brokamp:

This study is the first to show an association between daily exposure to levels of outdoor pollution and increased symptoms of mental disorders.

More research is needed

In order to confirm these findings, but it could lead to new preventive strategies for children with symptoms associated with a mental disorder.

The recent study

It analyzed the results of two recent studies at the same hospital highlighting the link between

  1. air pollution
  2. children’s mental health

They used brain scans to show that children living near crowded roads have higher levels of minocetol (natural sugar that is a sign of anxiety). Their brains.

The first study:

Also, it linked traffic air pollution to metabolic disorders in the brain, leading to symptoms of anxiety in healthy children.

Micro-particles and other exhaust pollutants are known to cause inflammation in organs, especially in the developing brain.

The second study:

It found that exposure to traffic air pollution early in life significantly associated with reported symptoms of depression and anxiety in children 12 years of age.

Dr. Patrick Ryan, a co-author of the recent study, explained:

These studies together contribute to increasing evidence that

Exposure to air pollution during early life and childhood may contribute to

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Other mental health problems, in adolescence

The findings highlight the alarming rise in rates of depression and suicide among young people. While the researchers stressed that more research needed to prove these findings and uncover the underlying mechanisms of these effects.

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