US ranks behind 38 other countries in children health

US ranks lower than 38 other countries when it comes to children health

The US ranks below 38 other countries on measurements of children survival, health, education, and nutrition. Every country in the world has levels of excess carbon emissions that will prevent a healthy future for younger generations.

The study, released on Tuesday in the medical journal The Lancet, listed 180 countries based on a “children flourishing ranking” and the U.S. came in at No. 39.

Excess Carbon and Children’s health

Excess carbon emission levels also measured countries — specifically researchers inspected projected 2030 levels. According to the study, the USA ranked No. 173 for sustainability based on that data.7

They chose the year 2030 as the threshold. Because governments around the world adopted “Sustainable Development Goals” created by the United Nations to improve people and the planet by 2030, in 2015.

By contrasting the child flourishing rankings with the carbon emission rankings, “flourishing” countries were shown to have some most disturbing levels of excess carbon emissions forecast for the future. According to the report conducted by a commission from the World Health Organization.

“No country is in the right place to make kids thrive today.” said Dr Stefan Peterson.

Norway, South Korea and the Netherlands ranked among the top three, respectively. On the current “flourishing” children, but  countries ranked 156th, 166th and 160th, on the global sustainability index measuring carbon emissions.

Some countries had lower, but still high, levels of excess carbon emissions, but they did not rank well on the report’s “child flourishing index.” For example, Burundi, Chad and Somalia ranked first, second and third in the sustainability rankings but 156th, 179th and 178th in the “flourishing” rankings, respectively.

“I was hoping that at least some countries to do the right thing for kids now. But I saw that there was no country in that ideal place,” Peterson said.

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