Food safety is priority for sustainability of UAE’s quality of life

food safety
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Through its national food safety security strategy, UAE is seeking to be among the top 10 countries by 2021. as well as seeking to be the world’s best-ranked country in World Food Security Index (WFS) by 2051. Based on Food Security Concept of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization. it defined that every member of the community a need for good quality food in a stable manner, in order to lead a healthy life.

Food safety is priority for sustainability of UAE’s quality of life

From this perspective and the importance of human value. UAE worked to achieve a food security strategy for its citizens and residents on its territory. within approved international standards adopted by international organizations of various denominations. striving to work to establish food security & sustainability for quality of life of UAE society.

The State takes food security as one of its primary concerns. indicating that food must be available to individuals without any shortage. so that food security can be realized when an individual convinced that he is not afraid of hunger & exposure.

Among prevailing concepts

The concept of food safety refers to the need to provide necessary food needed by individuals. these savings may be based on cooperation with other countries or self-reliance only. depends on term three pillars at the forefront of availability of goods on an ongoing basis. The world seen a deterioration in food safety. with more than 950 million people suffering from hunger around the world. More difficult is the inability to raise land use, climate change and water scarcity.

National strategy

The food security strategy launched by the UAE government last November did not come from a vacuum. but came after state realized the importance of food security in providing sustainable food. The state devoted its efforts, took proactive steps, and launched several initiatives that serve the goal.

This strategy is a continuation of efforts in the UAE to promote agricultural wealth through legislation and related decisions.

as well as adopting strategies, programs and initiatives. that will increase the quality of agricultural production and support farmers.

Modern Agricultural Technology

The program adopted a unified procedure for the issuance of licenses for the construction of

  • state-of-the-art agricultural facilities at the state level.

adopting the best international practices and practices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The procedures included reducing the service delivery time from 50 days to only 10 days.

Under the wise vision of its leadership

The UAE has been able to adopt innovative mechanisms as an effective means of achieving ambitions.

overcoming challenges & anticipating the future and harnessing it to serve its objectives through the latest technology.

development of new solutions and usage of latest methods of agricultural development.

The Ministry of Food Security signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Matara.

Holding Company to establish a fish feed facility in accordance with international best practices. In order to support the development of aquaculture in the UAE.

The parties will work under the agreement To develop the fish feed facility. equip it with the best techniques, in order to commence work in the first quarter of 2020.

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