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140 travelers denied entry to US over coronavirus

140 travelers denied entry to US over coronavirus

140 travelers were prohibited from entering the US as it seeks to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Caution against travelers

Officials turned away fourteen foreign nationals at US airports, and they refused 126 people entry to land ports from 2 February to 12 February, according to data provided by the Homeland Security Department to CNN.

Airlines are responsible for the removal from the country of passengers denied entry to the US. At preclearance locations, they delayed 34 travelers — airports where US authorities are performing screening before passengers’ board US-bound flights.

The US began implementing restrictive travel restrictions on February 2. Including briefly denying entry to foreign travelers who visited China in the 14 days prior to their arrival. Often subject to health screenings and quarantine are American citizens returning from China. Those U.S. citizens and others traveling from China to the U.S. are through 11 airports where authorities can conduct additional screening and transfer people to quarantine.

Coronavirus infected more than 71,000 people worldwide, mostly in mainland China. The death toll is 1,775, five of which are outside mainland China.

“The majority of people we process are U.S. citizens returning from China,”. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said earlier this month to CNN. “We keep screening those at those 11 airports. Continue to refer those to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) who then make more medical determinations on quarantine procedures.”

Since the efforts began on February 2 customs officers referred 43,263 air travelers for potential secondary screening. According to data, 23,836 of those referred at airports needed secondary screening.

Last summer, DHS ‘ Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office announced proposals to provide enhanced airport screening at several airports across the United States. as the Ebola virus threat emerged from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The chief medical officer of the department is located inside the CWMD building.

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