Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency may go unnoticed!

Symptoms of vitamin B12
What are the symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency?

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency may be different from nervousness, fatigue, shortness of breath and heart palpitations, according to a dietitian in the British daily newspaper, and indicates that there are lesser-known symptoms. So you should closely monitor the situation, as well as note any change in the way you walk and movement.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency may take several years to develop, and if the diagnosis is too complex. This deficiency can often translate into fatigue, drowsiness, heart palpitations, and severe pain.

But nutritionist Helen West, in an article in the Daily Express.

Stresses that there are other symptoms that should draw good attention to this deficiency. but are less well known, such as tongue swelling.

This condition, also known as tongue inflammation. may develop rapidly and without advertising. It is characterized by a change in the shape and colour of the tongue. which becomes red and painful with the atrophy of taste buds.

Diet is not the only reason for this deficiency

“Inflammation can make the tongue look smooth because all the small bumps on the tongue that contain taste buds will disappear. It may also change the way we feel, eat and talk,” says the dietitian.

In addition to a swelling of the tongue, people with a significant deficiency of vitamin B 12 may also develop ulcers

  • The mouth level
  • Tingling on the tongue

The taste buds play a role in maintaining balance and coordination in the taste of eating. People with severe deficiencies are “at risk of experiencing severe walking and movement changes”.

Diagnosis of imperfection quickly is essential

Malignant anaemia (or Biermer disease), an autoimmune disease. It is the most common cause of vitamin B-12 deficiency because it prevents the body from absorbing it.

“Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause by a diet, stomach or intestinal problem, or some type of medication,” says the dietitian.

It should note that while foods with the most vitamin content are meat, fish and dairy products. the Association of Vegetarians in France also emphasizes that breakfast cereals and some types of fortified soy products. Also contain vitamin, as well as some other processed consumer products.

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