Soft drinks increase the risk of premature death

soft drinks
Inspect the relationship between soft drinks and premature death

Many people prefer to drink soft drinks and sweetened juices over natural juices and water and consume them excessively.

Soft drinks increase the risk of premature death.

In this context, a new study revealed that consumption of it, whether sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners, may increase the risk of premature death.

According to a report in the Journal of Internal Medicine

The study tracked over 400,000 European adults for 16 years and found an increased risk of premature death in those who drank two or more soft drinks a day.

Neil Murphy, an IARC researcher who co-authored the study said :

“Our findings on sugar-sweetened soft drinks provide further support to advocate for reduced consumption and replacement of other healthy beverages, preferably water.”

For industrially sweetened soft drinks

we now need a better understanding of the mechanisms that may underlie this link, and we hope that a study like ours will stimulate these efforts.

“Soft drinks themselves may not be the basis for this link,” Murphy said. “The new findings do not mean that it causes premature death. In these types of studies, there are other factors that may be behind the link we have observed, for example, maybe “The high consumption of soft drinks is an indicator of an unhealthy diet.”

Inspect the relationship between soft drinks and premature death

Murphy and colleagues examined the data from the European Cancer and Nutrition Survey. a multinational study that followed participants from 1992 to 2000.

The study tested diet, including consumption of it, and participants answered lifestyle questionnaires on factors such as

  • educational level
  • smoking habits
  • physical activity

The researchers analyzed the study participants’ data, taking into account factors that could increase the risk of death, such as

  • body mass index
  • smoking

They found that those who drank two or more soft drinks a day were 17% more likely to die prematurely. Those who drank less than one serving of it per month, excluding participants who were

Already suffering from conditions such as

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

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