Signs confirm your suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome

chronic fatigue syndrome
Symptoms and signs of chronic fatigue syndrome

The chronic fatigue syndrome, known as CSF, a complex disease that affects about 17 to 24 million people each year, can cause a wide range of Symptoms to vary from person to person.

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome feel constant tiredness and a feeling of no recovery even after sleep.

Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

Although we do not fully know the causes of CFS, they are thought to be caused by:

  • certain genetic mutations
  • when they correspond to exposure to certain viruses or toxins
  • causing fatigue
  • pain and a host of other nonspecific symptoms

Women are more likely than men to diagnose CSF / ME, and sometimes sympathetic nervous system disorder may cause chronic fatigue.

Doctors also expect that in addition to viruses, there may be other contributing factors, which include:

  • Weak immune system.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Pressure nervous.

Symptoms and signs of chronic fatigue syndrome

Pain spread:

cramping, headaches and almost unbearable pain.
Pain itself is often described as pain or muscle pain.
The sensation may start in one area and move to the next.

The weakness of perception:

People with impaired perception can experience problems remembering things, such as recent conversations and the place of certain things.

Sleep Disorders:

This includes a deep sleep, which occurs when a person feels tired despite sleeping for hours.

Chronic fatigue:

Fatigue is a low ability to perform daily activities that were part of the person’s routine and low energy.

Fatigue associated with CFS usually lasts for up to six months, or longer if severe.

People with chronic fatigue syndrome may not able to get rid of fatigue, and in severe cases, additional rest may increase symptoms.

Exercise of intolerance:

Is the deterioration of symptoms that come from excessive physical and mental energy.

Much describes this feeling asdepleted by energy, if it exceeds its limits, it may be detrimental to the health of the body.


is one of those symptoms that are often associated with most cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

May occur basically when the person is unbalanced. Most people with CFS tend to feel dizzy when they come out of bed after a restful night of sleep.

Food allergies:

You may suffer from coughing and sneezing, even if you have not experienced allergies in the past.

Persistent sore throat:

These symptoms will continue as long as the disease continues.

Fortunately, the relief of sore throat is very simple, either by gargling salt water or taking the medicine.

Swelling of the lymph nodes:

Usually found in the neck, under the arms and possibly in the thigh.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in response to an infectious process.

Which may be quite frightening that the lymph nodes swell without an infectious source.

Persistent flu symptoms:

You may suffer from low fever, joint pain, severe muscle, nausea, and a general feeling that you are not well. Despite taking a flu medication, symptoms may continue.

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