Serious health consequences of air pollution

air pollution
World Health Organization (WHO) describes urban pollution levels as a “public health emergency”.

A recent scientific study concluded that the impact of air pollution on a person living in cities is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 29 years, the study pointed out that air pollution not only affects the lung but also affects the rest of the body.

Some studies showed that:

The study found that 7,000 adults living in different cities in the United States

  • Exposed to ozone gas at ground level
  • Urban dwellers exposed to between 10 and 25 billionths of ozone

Thus, even moving from an air-polluted area to a less polluted city still poses a risk of respiratory illnesses such as:

  • emphysema, a disease commonly associated with smoking.

Serious health consequences of air pollution

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) describes urban pollution levels as a “public health emergency”. Because 91 percent of us live in areas where air pollution exceeds the WHO limit.

Today, about 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. This expected to rise to 68 percent by 2050, according to UN estimates.

The problem expected to affect people because of the serious physical and mental health consequences of urban life, both now and in the future.

How to save our cities from air pollution?

But the addition of green spaces within cities improves the situation. Especially for the children of disadvantaged social and economic classes, and the availability of spaces where one can walk away from the bustle of the city. Would contribute to improving the mental and psychological state of individuals.

In Beijing;

A seven-meter-high candidate is said to be able to purify the air in an area about a football pitch in its area. The filter resembles a giant bee nest and absorbs harmful particles from the air.

In Mexico City;

A supercomputer installed next to Manuel Gia Gonzalez Hospital, serving as a candidate to extract air pollutants. Its designers say it can purify the air from 1,000 cars a day.

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