Nurses die while Us hospitals can not contain Covid-19

Nurses die while Us hospitals can not contain Covid-19

Nurses at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center were on the verge as early as March as patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 started to emerge in hospital places that were not designated for their treatment.

Hospitals have been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to separate Covid-19 patients in order to reduce risk to employees and to maintain high-level personal protective equipment that has been in short supply.

However, Covid patients appeared to be through Oakland hospital, according to reports from California’s occupational health and safety division (Cal / Osha). Areas of risk included the surgical unit in the sixth floor, where veteran nurse Janine Paiste-Ponder served.

Nurses at risk

According to Mike Hill, a nurse at the hospital intensive care unit, covid patients at that floor did not sit at their rooms because of distribution or didn’t care about the rules. Hill, who is also the chief manager of the hospital for the California Nursing Union, said the workers have no equipment of highly secure N95 respirators.

“It was only a matter of time before one of the nurses had died on one of those floors”. Hill said.

Two nurses became ill, including 59-year-old Paiste-Ponder, who died on 17 July from complications of the flu.

The California Nurses Union has lodged concerns with the state’s occupational safety authority, Cal / Osha. According to research, a study of government occupational safety lawsuits and inspection records for health facilities. They have spread similar issues around the World.

For a number of factors, covid patients were intermingling with others. Monitoring has indicated that certain patients with the virus have only known after some were already under exposure . They also see false-negative test findings in other situations. Their facility has been disrespectful of federal requirements which have no force of law.

As recently as July, a poll of more than 21,000 nurses by the National Nurses United showed a statistic. 32 percent operate in hospitals that have not dedicated Covid systems. The coronavirus had entered all but 17 counties in the United States at the time. Data obtained by Johns Hopkins University reveals.

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