Half of US states report a rise in new cases of coronavirus

Half of US states report a rise in new cases of coronavirus

Close to half of states report a rise in new cases, and some continue to break records in their reported daily cases. Officials in the South say more youths are testing positive. And around the US, experts keep issuing messages that illustrate the need for social distancing and face reporting.

And while some point to the increase in numbers resulting from more testing, health officials say that more testing is only partly to blame for.

Many new cases in the US

“If increased monitoring was the only explanation for the increase in new cases, you would expect the percentage of positive results to go down or at least stay stable. We don’t see that,” says Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, an internal medicine physician at the California Pacific Medical Center.

Yet areas of the world remain split in public on wearing facial masks, and more politicians have had to consider making facial coverings a norm in public.

As these discussions take place, a senior agency official said that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon make an updated recommendation on the benefits of public health on masks.

The CDC has done a clinical analysis on the subject so far. And a senior official with study information confirms experts are studying that masks are not only “safe for source safety. To prevent you from giving it to others. But we’re also wondering if masks can stop you from having (Covid-19) yourself.”

The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus in California is the highest it has been since the pandemic began. Throughout the state Saturday 3,574 people were hospitalized. The state also reported the most recent new cases in a single day — 4,515. Since the start of the pandemic, according to state health department data. The pandemic is going harder on the US as time passes and we need crucial measurements to counter it.

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