Measles cases worldwide increased only in the Americas.

The global spread of measles without warning.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that all regions of the world have an increase in measles cases except the Americas. WHO official Kate O’Brien blamed poor health systems and misinformation about vaccinations and called on social media platforms and communities. In order to ensure accurate information on ways to reduce the spread of infection.

O’Brien, head of the WHO’s vaccines, vaccines, and biology department said:

“We are on the wrong track”

“We have a general concern that all regions are experiencing an increase in measles, except for the Americas. which has seen a slight decline.”

What is Measles?

It is a disease that can lead to death or childhood disability and can prevent by vaccinations.

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Health experts say:

The virus has spread among school-age children whose parents have refused to give them the vaccine.

Between January and July this year, more cases reported than during the same period in 2018, according to the (WHO).


What are the global statistics of measles?

The number of cases in the world has reached 365,000 this year, the highest number since 2006. Adding that this figure represents only a small percentage of 6.7 million suspected cases.

The latest statistics show that it has caused about  109,000 deaths in 2017.

Where was the largest outbreak?

The largest outbreak was in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with 155,460 cases, followed by Madagascar with 127,454, and Ukraine with 54,246.

Europe also saw a decline in the disease, with four countries losing “measles-free” characterization in 2018 – Albania, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Britain.

Federal health officials said:

The United States has recorded 1,215 measles cases in 30 states, the worst outbreak in the country since 1992.

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