Italy declares death from coronavirus second worldwide

Italy declares death from coronavirus second worldwide

A man named in his late 70s by Italian news agency Ansa as former construction company owner Adriano Trevisan has been among 30 suspected or confirmed cases so far in Italy.

Italy is trying to stop the virus

The father-of-three died at a hospital in Padua, in northern Italy’s Veneto region, where he entered COVID-19, the disease’s reason was by the virus along with another person who tested positive.

A second patient-a woman-died in Lombardy, a city also in the north, hours later.

The deaths have forced local authorities to shut down schools, factories, and restaurants in Lombardy and Veneto.

The first case officials could trace the outbreak to a Codogno man, 38, who has contracted the virus from a friend who had returned from China in January, they confirmed him to be in Italy.

Ansa reported going to hospital with flu symptoms but they sent it home.

He had come back a day later and they reported him to have the virus.

However, he had been at work since meeting his mate, run two races, played in a football team. He also had at least three restaurant dinners and business meetings.

At Codogno on Saturday-a small village about 7 miles (11 km) north of Piacenza-images showed the empty streets of citizens.

In other trends in coronavirus:

Mainland China announced a further decline in new daily virus cases on Friday to 889, bringing the total number of suspected and confirmed cases to 77,654, according to a count by Johns

Hopkins University in the United States Around 2,360 people died 17 people died outside the mainland. Five in Iran, two in Hong Kong, two in Italy, two in South Korea, two from the Diamma.

About 35 British passengers on the Diamond Princess ship were on a government-chartered plane to the UK.

634 cruise ship passengers, including four Britons, have signed COVID-19.

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