Fish overcome the lack of oxygen through new genetic mutations

How Animals Evolved to Live in Low-Oxygen Locales.

We all need oxygen to live, but nature has not revealed all its secrets, its ability to make mutations that contradict all that we have learned from a young age, and what we regard as fundamental rules on which we cannot disagree.

Fish overcome the lack of oxygen through new genetic mutations

Recently, a scientific study conducted by the University of Exeter in collaboration with the British Center for Environment, Fish and Aquaculture. It showed that a new change in the chemical composition of the blood of certain species of fish. Which made it able to withstand the lack of oxygen and a high proportion of carbon dioxide in the water.

The scientific reports published in the British study that

The new climate changes taking place on the planet, lead to

  • A significant reduction in oxygen in the oceans and seas.
  • A significant rise in carbon dioxide Harmful.

This is considered by environmental scientists to be a real threat to the future of marine biological systems and living organisms.

High adaptability

However, scientists at the University of Exeter and the British Scientific Center found, through a study conducted during the last period. That the European sea fish, or what is known as the European sea bass.

  1. Able to adapt to these difficult climate changes, and is
  2. Able to live in a low-oxygen water environment Large proportions of carbon dioxide.

British scientists placed fish in low-oxygen ponds similar to the natural environment in which they live today. They monitored changes in the blood of European carps when high levels of carbon dioxide in water occurred.

Eventually, They found that this new environment increases fish’s ability to tolerate hypoxia by up to 20%. When the carbon dioxide level rises, the chemical composition of the fish’s blood changes dramatically. helping to improve the ability of red blood cells to transfer haemoglobin to their body tissues.

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