Director of the CDC: Coronavirus brought the US to its knees

Director of the CDC: Coronavirus brought the US to its knees

A U.S. Chief of Public Health told Congress that coronavirus “knelt in this country” as America struggles with over 2.3 million confirmed cases and more than 121,000 deaths.

At a hearing in Washington, Dr Robert Redfield, Director of the Federal Centers for Disease Protection and Prevention, said that key public health capabilities have long been underfunded and urgently required by investment.

“We all did our best to combat this epidemic and the truth is this nation has been brought to its knees,” said Redfield to the Committee on Energy and Trade of the House of Commons.

“We would definitely waste $7 tons on a small virus,” he said.

He said “the USA’s willingness to counter the pandemic has been on,” but “there are objections.”

Coronavirus hit US hard

In fact, Donald Trump has consistently minimized the likelihood of the Covid-19 and its destruction in the US. During the early 2020 season, the Trump administration got a lot of heavily criticizes for a sluggish and excessively early response to coronavirus.

Redfield said that the U.S. has chronically understood “the core public health capacities,” including data analysis, “laboratory resilience” and “our global health security” at local , state or federal level, adding “now is the time for increased spending.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious diseases expert from the United States, testified earlier in the hearing. That the government is going to do more Covid 19 Testing. Rather than fewer, hours after the President had insisted on being careful. When he said he was asking for research in the United States on a weekend rally.

Coronavirus cases tend to increase in some half of the US states. But Trump said during the Tulsa rally in Oklahoma, that he was slowing down the US by-monitoring. His press minister later said the comments were “in jest”. But on Tuesday, the president stood by them and reporters told them that the statement wasn’t a joke.

But when Fauci spoke to the Congressional Committee several hours later. He said, I know for sure that none of us intended to slow down testing in my knowledge. This is just a reality. We’ll do some research, hopefully.

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