Coronavirus: It spreads in Europe from Italy

Coronavirus: It spreads in Europe from Italy

Several European countries have announced their first cases of coronavirus, all apparently related to the growing outbreak in Italy.

Austria, Croatia and Switzerland, as Algeria did in Africa, said the cases involved people who had been to Italian land.

It is spreading from Italy

Latin America-a Brazilian citizen just returned from Italy-has registered the first positive virus test.

It has become the worst-affected country in Europe in recent days, with more than 300 cases and 11 deaths.

But its neighbors have decided it would be “disproportionate” to close borders.

At a meeting on Tuesday, health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the EU Commission committed to keeping the frontiers open as new cases of the virus appeared across Europe and in central and southern Italy.

“We’re worried about a virus that doesn’t honor boundaries,” said Roberto Speranza, the Italian health minister.

His German counterpart Jens Spahn said the neighbors took the situation “very, very seriously,” but admitted that “before it gets better it could get worse.”

In the United Kingdom, They sent off schoolchildren returning from northern Italy holidays. With the government issuing new instructions to travelers.

But Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, said there were no plans to stop flights from Italy, attracting about three million British visitors each year.

“When you look at Italy, all flights from China were stopped and they are the worst-affected country in Europe now,” he said.

The coronavirus, which originated in China, has infected over 80,000 people.

Wednesday, officials in Iran said that 19 people had died from coronavirus, while it infected 139.

The scale of the infection in Iran is far greater than official figures suggest. The Deputy Health Minister’s infection in the country has deepened fears that the virus has already spread widely.

President Hassan Rouhani said they had made no plans to impose quarantine rules on any city or region. But that “if an individual has early symptoms, that They must quarantine the person.”

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