Research: Coronavirus monitoring needs to rise for the US to reopen

Coronavirus monitoring needs to rise for the US to reopen

Unless the US expects the economy to grow up — and stay that way — coronavirus monitoring will go up to at least 500,000 a day, researchers at Harvard said according to research.

Testing annually is only at 150,000 a day, they added, noting, “If we don’t do at least 500,000 studies a day by May 1, it’s hard to see if we can remain available.”

Coronavirus research is going on

The US reported more than 735,000 cases of coronavirus and 38,910 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics. While several authorities have warned against it, as soon as possible many states are looking to reopen.

Dr. Ashish Jha, Harvard Global Health Institute Faculty Chair, Dr. Thomas Tsai, Research scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of medicine, and Benjamin Jacobson, Research Associate at the Harvard Global Health Institute, performed the study on the testing shortage.

And the number of positive samples, the researchers said, is much smaller too. In the US, positive tests are received from 20 per cent of those screened for coronavirus. The World Health Organisation has indicated that this figure will vary from 3% to 12% in order to reopen.

The White House said in a three-part guidance published last week that states will enter the first step towards reopening until they see a continued downturn for two weeks. Experts have long said that research would be one of the big driving factors behind the decision. By the governors to also restart their economies.

Monitoring is important when it comes to deciding who is contaminated and a risk to others.

Contamination checks postponed

Currently, the US lacks the vital research ability to restart, and they delayed  the test roll out from the beginning of the national epidemic.

Several health sources told CNN that this shortage resulted from pollution in making the coronavirus research centers for disease control and prevention. According to the US Food and Drug Administration. Part of the exposure resulted from the CDC not adhering to its own protocols. Instead of one of its processing plants. Which is not compatible with its protocol, it said they did the study  in a CDC Center.

“Routine quality assurance procedures are at recognizing these kinds of problems. For this situation, these procedures were not adequate and CDC has introduced improved quality management. To resolve the problem and will continue to monitor this problem”. CDC spokesman Benjamin Haynes said.

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