110,000 US coronavirus deaths as local markets begin to reopen

110,000 US coronavirus deaths as local markets begin to reopen

According to reports from Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in America has reached 109,497, with reported infections in that country currently reaching 1,909,077. Local markets are about to reopen soon.

New deaths in the US have curved downward, but Covid-19 continues to spread throughout the country, with thousands of confirmed diagnoses a day.

The rise comes as authorities – struggling with an unemployment rate of 13.3 per cent – take further measures to revive local communities. Meanwhile, nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd have increasingly challenged social-distancing guidelines, prompting concerns that cases might soon surge.

Local markets open soon

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently accelerated reopening efforts. Amid a drastic decrease in deaths and illnesses in his county. Which has become the country’s most devastated.

Cuomo said New York City, which has been at the forefront of the U.S. pandemic, is on schedule to reopen on June 8 and enter “step one”. It allows for construction and manufacturing. As well as retailing on the curbside, or through drop-off and pick-up in-store. In some New York state regions, worship houses will be allowed to reopen. With “all social distancing protocols” on 7 June at a 25 percent occupancy.

Few visitor destinations are reopening throughout the United States. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Universal Orlando reopened theme parks on 5 June after close for nearly three months. In the lightly attended parks, most guests sported masks and followed safety procedures such as temperature controls.

The famous casinos of Las Vegas also reopened this week

Public health authorities have expressed concern. That demonstrations against anti-police violence by protesters and police could accelerate the spread of Covid-19. At heavily attended demonstrations, social distancing is nearly impossible, and yelling could disperse droplets that include COVID-19. The sheer number of people attending makes contact tracing practically impossible.


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