US coronavirus cases exceed 1 million, Deaths more than Vietnam War

US coronavirus cases exceed 1 million and deaths more than Vietnam War

As some experts claim deaths could escalate dramatically over the coming weeks, the number of reported cases of coronavirus in the U.S. has increased to 1 million and the death rate has reached the cumulative deaths of U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War.

There are now more than 1,012,000 people in the United States who have or previously had the virus as of Tuesday evening, as per a report by Johns Hopkins University health authorities. At least 58,356 individuals dead.

Deaths count is very high

A total of 58,220 Americans died during the Vietnam war, in which more than 10 years of combat continued.

The first reported fatality associated with coronavirus in the US occurred on February 6, less than three months ago.

The accomplishments come at a time when seven models expect a increase in cases of coronavirus that will depend on how often Americans exercise “touch avoidance”. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Models that lead to good contact mitigation indicate deaths will occur, but will “drop dramatically over the next four weeks,” the CDC reports. “Inversely, models that do not integrate sufficiently large reductions in interaction … indicate that overall deaths may continue to grow rapidly.”

According to Dr. Chris Murray, director of the Center for Health Measurement and Assessment at the University of Washington. The forecast was changed because of longer increases in some states and indicators that people are becoming more involved again.

“To bring the number of infections in the population down to a very low level is a better approach. And then checking and touch tracing and isolation can work,” Murray said.

Georgia, which Murray’s team warned, shouldn’t reopen until June 28, started reopening small businesses Friday.

Co. Brian Kemp said that “Georgia is going on with local public health officials’ details and knowledge and actions. Following and operating under the framework of the president’s grand plan.”

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