Causes of heart palpitations before bedtime

Causes of heart palpitations before bedtime
Why do I only get heart palpitations at night?

The causes of heart palpitations before bedtime are not important. In the vast majority of cases, regardless of duration and severity, heart palpitations have no repercussions. Often it may not have to do with a heart problem.

Many causes of heart palpitations, according to a French site. To ensure that there is no risk, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Causes of heart palpitations before bedtime

Heart palpitations: irregular heartbeat

Heart palpitations are defined as the painful perception of the heartbeat. “For almost two months, I felt that my heartbeat was accelerating as if there were missing beatings,” says Anton, 25.

“It could happen many times a day and in the evening before bedtime. Often when I exercise, it causes me great anxiety and fear. from death”.

Heart palpitations: when associated with heart rhythm disturbance

The most common heart palpitations are similar to a ventricular contraction in the premature heart “stray pulses.” It gives the impression of increased heart rate and increases with age. Heart palpitations may also be similar to a slight acceleration of the heart rhythm or “tachycardia.”
“Stray pulses or tachycardia are related to the atrium and are often benign,” the cardiologist explains. “But they may sometimes be related to symptoms of heart disease, such as atrial fibrillation, which is important to detect early to reduce the incidence of complications.” The ventricle is very rare and is often benign, but sometimes it can be worrying because it can reveal a more serious disease and a poorly diagnosed condition.

The diagnosis depends on the following:

• Type of heart rhythm disorder.
• Cause heart rhythm disturbance.
• underlying cardiovascular condition.

In all cases, it is important to describe the characteristics of heart palpitations and the symptoms that accompany it to the doctor. When unusual heart palpitations occur in a person with heart disease or have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, it may be accompanied by a heart attack. In the event of pain, breathing difficulties or weakness, and feeling poor with unconsciousness, go to the emergency immediately.

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