U.S. records 50,000 new cases of coronavirus in 3 days

U.S. records 50,000 new cases of coronavirus in 3 days

When Americans find several beaches closed and fireworks scarce at the Fourth of July, officials warn that the holiday weekend can exacerbate the now ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

Less than two months after just a couple of states followed the first high, the virus is again cresting through the South and Southwest.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US registered at least 51,842 new cases Friday, marking the 3rd day straight with a regular record of over 50,000 cases.

Coronavirus cases rise

Many that have not given up celebrating America‘s freedom outdoors note that Miami and Los Angeles beaches have been closed, Texas rivers have been banned from tubing and city-sponsored events will be live streaming.

After crowds gathered on Friday at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Mayor Brenda Bethune said officials were focusing on putting out the message that masks are needed.

“People spread this infection and we can’t deter people coming here. So we do have a moral duty to help keep this epidemic from spreading”. Bethune told Jim Acosta of CNN.

California, Arizona, Texas and Florida all recorded new cases this week. About 9,500 more cases of coronavirus were in Florida on Friday. After back-to – back days, Texas had 7,555 new cases, averaging around 8,000 a slice.

According to a CNN review of the data from Johns Hopkins University, Florida reports more new cases every day . 7,870 cases more than any other jurisdiction. Near behind are parks in California and Texas.

“Nothing is more Patriotic than making a choice and staying home. In order to keep a family member secure, a friend secure or a stranger safe”. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told CNN.

Close to two dozen states postponed their reopenings to counter the outbreak. While others took additional precautions to keep it out of their territories. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have given a travel warning allowing two weeks of quarantine. For people traveling from eight states with high coronavirus levels.

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