Arnot Odgen witness a miracle of giving birth to a 15-pound baby


Arnot Odgen Medical Center helped a woman to give birth of the biggest baby on record to parents thought having a child for them is impossible.

Joi Buckley gave birth to 15-pound miracle baby girl named Harper Buckley (Length: 23 1/4 inches – Weight: 15lbs, 5oz).

Few years ago, doctors told husband & Joi that only a 15% chance to become pregnant. They were about to stop fighting & adopt instead after 7 years of trying.

First miracle happened in May 2016, when Joi was told that she is pregnant & gave birth to11-pound baby boy later.

Two years later, Buckley had their second child, a baby girl was born on Tuesday at Arnot Ogden medical center.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit welcomed baby Harper to have oxygen & sugar levels monitored where she stayed a whole day.

Husband & Joi hope their story would inspire other couples having problems with infertility.

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