Air pollution is on top of world’s top killer

Air pollution is on top of world's top killer

Air pollution occurs when fossil fuels burns that cut global life by an average of 1.8 years/person making it top killer of the World.

Polluted air ingests tiny particles that shorten life more than smoking cigarette that reduce it by 1.6 years considered more dangerous than any other public health threats including HIV/AIDS & war.

Air Quality Life Index of University of Chicago explains people in parts of India could live 11 years less as a result of high levels of air pollution knowing that India is ranked orld’s second-largest country by population.

Averages of life expectancy averages below 69 in South Asian nation of 1.3 billion.



Researchers launched a website which tells readers how many years of life air pollution cost them according to region of a country they live in.

Index transforms hard-to-comprehend data into (most important metric exists – life).

Particulate pollution is measured in micrograms/cubic meter.

“The fact that this AQLI tool quantifies the number of years I and you have lost to air pollution makes me worried”

Indonesia & China are among countries where microscopic particles float in air hit residents cutting their life expectancy by seven years, five & a half years respectively.

Other studies looked into number of people may die because of air pollution prematurely.

However, EPIC scientists wish website make consequences of policies which promote dirty energy tangibly & encourage reforms  which promote air quality better.

UN Environment on Twitter

Air pollution is the world’s top killer, cutting global life expectancy by an average of 1.8 years per person. It’s time for increased action to #BeatAirPollution

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