A rare mosquito kills 10 Americans and warnings of a deadly virus

deadly virus
The spread of a strange new type of mosquito.

Although it is only a few millimetres in size, it is considered the first and most dangerous killer in history. Recently, US authorities have issued serious warnings of a deadly virus about the spread of a strange new type of mosquito.

The impact of a deadly virus

Which has so far killed at least 10 people, and fears of the spread of a rare virus that could claim hundreds of other lives.

The US Department of Health

It warned of the emergence of a new species strange and deadly mosquito in several cities and states.

As well as, It confirmed that this small butcher carries in his body a deadly virus that has claimed the lives of 10 Americans so far in different areas.

Eastern horse encephalitis is a rare virus

The latest was a man in the northeastern state of Massachusetts, who died from a rare virus called eastern horse encephalitis. As it known to transmit by mosquitoes.

According to officials at the US Department of Health

This city is the fourth death in Massachusetts, and the tenth nationwide. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that

  • on average 5 to 10 cases of the deadly virus reported each year in the United States.

Dr. Kathryn Brown explained that

An epidemiologist in Massachusetts,

The risk of the eastern horse encephalitis virus is not over. It continues and threatens the lives of millions of Americans.

The symptoms of the infection:

So, The person infected with the virus

  1. feels a high-temperature rise
  2. severe chills along with pain in the joints
  3. severe headache

Eventually, when the infection is strong, it can cause irreversible brain damage, eventually leading to a long coma or death. The eastern horse encephalitis virus also poses a greater risk to people under the age of 15 and those over 50.

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