Gunman fatally shot by Police in Albama Mall as he tried run away..

Gunman fatally shot by Police in Albama Mall as he tried run away..

Authorities reported that two people were severely injured after a man shot them at a mall in Alabama on Thanksgiving night.

The incident started at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover when an 18 year old and the gunman got into a physical fight, police said. The confrontation occurred in the mall, near Footaction and JC Penney stores.

Police do not know how the confrontation began, but “we do not believe at this point the 18-year-old was armed,” Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector said.

The gunman opened fire, injuring the teen, according to Rector. An officer confronted the gunman but as he ran away the office shot him, killing him instantly. A 12 year old girl was injured but the investigators are not sure who struck her and both the injured people was hospitalised. The girl had suffered a single gunshot wound for which she is receiving surgery but doctors have stated that she is currently not suffering from any life threatening injuries

Since it was inside a mall the gunshot was quiet loud and left customers screaming and staff members locking their shops down, the scene was too chaotic and since it was Thanksgiving night – marking the start of Black Friday Sale there was a lot of rush. Witnesses scrambled as the mall was locked down. The Hoover Police Department has assured that the scene is now secure.

Brookfield Properties owns the shopping center and their spokeswoman Lindsay Kahn said

“We are working closely with the Hoover Police Department and are grateful for their swift action to contain the situation,”

“While there is no current danger to our community, the shopping center will remain closed for tonight.”