#GoBlue this World Children’s day

#GoBlue this World Children’s day

UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassdor – Actor Millie Bobby Brown has a launched a special World Children’s Day video for kids and adults everywhere: Go Blue!

On November 20th, the color of blue signifies support to raise awareness and for the world’s children.

To support that movement UNICEF has ask leaders to communicate but fulfilling the rights of every child joe and the future.

Sign UNICEF’s global petition asking leaders to commit to fulfilling the rights of every child now and for future generations, or shop for blue Inspired Gifts — vital supplies children need to survive and thrive.

Brown teams up with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and Lilly Singh, singer-songwriter Dua Lipa and performance artists Blue Man Group to stand up for children everywhere. “World Children’s Day is the one day a year when feeling blue means feeling — and doing — good,” said Brown.

“World Children’s Day is a fun day with a serious message,” said the 14-year-old actor — who symbolically changed her name to Millie Bobby ‘Blue’ to mark the occasion. “It is a day where all children are encouraged to speak out about what matters to them, like education, safe spaces to learn and play, and positive environments. By going blue for UNICEF on this day, we are demanding the world provide a brighter future for kids.”

Many kids in countries torn with war have left children malnourished, a haunted look in the eyes of Syrian children have known little else in their lives but war.

Last year, many children were killed, injured and recruited into combat in the Mena region than in the previous year.

Extreme poverty still affects more than 29 million children, that is approximately one in four, and 5.7 million of primary school age are out of school.

For the hundreds of thousands of children caught up violence and conflict, their short lives are every day marked by pain and suffering.

While many countries celebrate their own Children’s Day, the UN’s Universal Children’s Day hopes to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide.