Super Model Gisele Bundchen reveals that she contemplated suicide due to her panic attacks

Super Model Gisele Bundchen reveals that she contemplated suicide due to her panic attacks

Victoria’s secret angel Gisele Bundchen has been modelling since a very young age and has walked Victoria Secret’s ramp for many years. The Supermodel and business mogul has been living in New York City and on October 2nd released a book called “Lessons : My Path to a Meaningful Life” .

Her book shares personal stories and insights into her her life and how she began her journey in southern Brazil . She details about her early ambitions of becoming a veterinarian as she often spent her time rescuing dogs and cats in her hometown. She also envisioned in becoming a professional volleyball player but a modelling scout changed her direction at the age of 14 and by the time she was 18 walked the runway for Alexander McQueen’s spring collection. In this book she detailed about her personal life, challenges she faced to reveal how her life was quite a contrast to the one presented in public.

She also revealed about difficult times she faced with her work life and habits that led to her have many stressful days and got candid about a particular night where her panic attack got very severe and led her to thinking of suicide.

An excerpt from her book reads: ” The idea swept over me; maybe it’ll be easier if I just jump it’ll all be over.”. “I decided to have a massage at night, and I’ll never forget it was a beautiful night in New York and I decided to get a massage to relax because my body was so tense. But then, in the middle of the massage, I got up and I couldn’t breathe. And then I went outside and I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m outside – I’m going to be able to breathe,’ and I couldn’t breathe ….. And I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous.’ I felt so upset because I’m like how can I not breathe even out here on this deck in front of water. What’s more breezy than [this]? So, for one second in my mind, I was like – because I lived on the ninth floor – it crossed my mind, you know. And, I think that, you know, if I jumped then it would all be over. It got to a point where I don’t think it’s worth it.”

In an interview she stated that “The life I was living; I think I was not making very good decisions for my health,” Bundchen, 38, said about the cause of her panic attacks in 2003 when she was 23. “I think when you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, drink three mocha frappuccinos a day for breakfast and drink a bottle of wine at night – and don’t sleep much, and work every day – I mean, that’s really a recipe for developing a panic attack.”

The super model revealed that once she became a mother she ‘lost’ her self and said “It actually gave me new life because that moment was the change of everything,” she recalled. “As I thought that thought, I came back to myself and I was like, ‘What am I thinking?’ I was so upset at myself, you know. And I realized that I really had a big problem. That was for me, reaching the bottom because where else could I go from that place?” . She soon after saw a doctor who recommended her to take Xanax but Giselle refused to take pills to ease the situation. “I just prayed when I kind of stepped back and had the opportunity to start meditating and start practicing yoga, I started realizing, ‘Wait a minute, look what I’m doing,'” she said. “And then I changed my life. I stopped drinking, I stopped smoking. I went three months without eating any type of sugar. I just stopped.” Bundchen continued: “I said I have to make these changes in my life because no one is going to come and save me from this. I’m the person who helped create this condition, so I’m the only one who can get myself out of this.”