US-European trade negotiations frozen over US food ‘unsafe’

US-European trade negotiations frozen over US food 'unsafe'

US trade negotiations with the European Union and Britain have partly failed owing to fears of low American food requirements. Said on Wednesday (17 June) Washington’s chief negotiator.

“We haven’t made any headway for some cause”. Statement by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to lawmakers on Capitol Hill

However, he dismissed the fears as “thinly veiled protectionism.”

In the new United States-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), as well as in agreements reached with China and Japan, he said that agriculture had been at the center of all recent trade negotiations.

But with Britain in the negotiations, he warned, “we will have agricultural problems.”

Lighthizer promised no deal will be found on US agricultural exports.

Eu/US trade negotiations

Trade negotiations between the US and the EU have been delayed for months, embroiled in disagreements about Boeing and Airbus discounts and digital taxes, as well as agriculture.

Britain and the United States started talks in early May on a “ambitious” free-trade deal to introduce at the end of the year following the post-Brexit adjustment phase.

In negotiations, heavy British taxes on the U.S. software industry are indeed a critical issue.

President Donald Trump wants a sweeping trade deal, Lighthizer said.

During testimony before Congress on Wednesday, the top U.S. trade official branded the World Trade Organization “a mess” that “failed America, and failed the international trading system.”

Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, said in a prepared statement for a hearing before the House on ways and means committee. The US would push for a “broader reset” of tariffs set by the WTO over the coming year. Signaling continued pressure on the Geneva-based body as it scrambles to find a new leader.

Mr Lighthizer has so far remained cautious about his views on who should take over as the new WTO Director-General. After the announcement last month by former Brazilian diplomat Roberto Azevêdo that he would step down a year early. Even as the organization struggles with global trade tensions and a coronavirus-related collapse in world trade.

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