US will continue purchasing milk, meat and products from farmers

Trump: US will continue purchasing milk, meat and products from farmers

Early next week, President Donald Trump said Saturday, the US will begin carrying out a plan to buy $3 billion in dairy, poultry, and produce from farmers and ranchers.

As the pandemic disrupts supply chains around the world, farmers have been forced to kill their crops, dump milk and throw away non-storable products. Throughout the national lockout, markets and demand for agricultural goods plunged and producers were facing an over-supply of food they couldn’t market.

Farmers to Family Food Box

The president in a tweet said the $3 billion purchase is part of the “Farmers to Family Food Box”. But did not provide further details.

Recently, the president announced a $19 billion relief program called the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. Which will provide $16 billion for farmers and ranchers. And $3 billion for food bank purchases of fresh produce, dairy products, and meat. The USDA also approved $1.2 billion in contracts to producers by way of the food box program on Friday.

U.S. food banks, which provide relief to millions of people, also lose staff and close down during the pandemic.

Several Americans are planning for a meat crisis. After the virus shut down some of the main slaughterhouses in the world. Trump also signed an executive order to keep meat-processing plants running even when employees at those factories become ill.

Some poultry farmers had to euthanize chickens because of the virus. Closures of plants around the country may cause the loss of millions of animals including pigs, chickens and cattle.

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