People go hungry as the pandemic is eroding wealth

Millions of People go hungry as the pandemic is eroding wealth

When jobs disappear, wages decrease and food prices rise, more Americans go to bed hungry — and activists fear that those figures will grow to an unprecedented amount in modern times without Legislative action. People go hungry as the pandemic ruins more lives daily.

“People who never thought they would experience food insecurity are now looking for food assistance,” said Luis Guardia, president of the Food Research & Action Center, a nonprofit.

A research from the Center for Policy Analysis at Northwestern University showed that the pandemic in the United States nearly increased food poverty. Nonprofit food assistance Feeding America estimates that around 40 percent of people visiting food banks are first-time food aid recipients with household finances decimated by the coronavirus.

Millions of people go hungry

“The requirement is immense. And beyond every obstacle we have encountered in the past of food banks in the USA. We also have never really seen the level of need we are seeing now. And having seen it happen as quickly as it is happening. It was a real shock,” said Katie Fitzgerald. She is the chief operating officer at Feeding America. “It’s also really a crazy scramble to make sure no one goes hungry through COVID,” said Christopher Robertson, Market to HOPE owner. A food pantry that works through the Southeast Texas Catholic Charities. “The ones who we now see are different citizens. For the month of June, well under half of the people that came in were completely new men, “he added.

Families, veterans and color groups were especially hard hit, experts claim.

Retired Beaumont, Texas, DeLisa Booker resident said she’s relying on the economy. To HOPE to extend disability checks for her and her husband. Particularly as supply chain problems have sent staple prices. Especially meat and dairy, to skyrocket. “Chicken is ludicrous. It’s like $8 for a bag of ground beef, so with a fixed budget. It’s tougher to afford what you like, “she also added.

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