Food should be cheap, plentiful and always available

Food should be cheap, plentiful and always available

Meat is manufactured and distributed industrially in the U.S. It may help to think about the food supply chain, just like train tracks.

One track moves milk from farms to plant processing, grocery stores. The other track takes you to institutions such as schools and restaurants.

When one track gets disrupted at this massive scale, that food has nowhere to go. That’s why we have seen dairy farmers dumping milk and seeing crops left in the field to waste.

Yet wait, the US has 40 million newly unemployed. Yet food banks are also struggling to satisfy this need. The challenge is, no system can move food from restaurants to food banks.

The only player strong enough to tackle such a huge supply crisis is the U.S. government, which introduced a $3 billion initiative to purchase farmers’ organic goods and distribute them to food banks and charities.

Although the system was with claims of mismanagement, Borden Dairy has signed up to offer 700 million milk-sized school lunch servings.

“The supply chain is growing complicated. We need to find people who can take that. Find people who have available cold storage. So, there are all those challenges out there, “Sarsam said.

Food issues

“Is this year the Gov becoming your biggest customer? “So the reporter told him.

“They are going to be tall. They are ending up in the top five, “he said.

“It gives you a feeling that they are undertaking a big rescue,” the reporter said.

“This is an incredible possibility. In the moment of crisis, it’s a big rescue for folks. And right now, just the right thing for all the constituents, “Sarsam also said.

Government figures indicate that prices shot up more sharply in April than every other since 1974. The tale — as you’ve already heard — is higher costs, less variety when it comes to beef at the grocery store.

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