The death of a young man with a burger meal

burger meal
The killer meal is from a popular restaurant.

A young British man died of eating food “burger meal” that sensitized him and was unaware of his presence in his deadly meal. Every person suffers from a specific allergy to the medicine or some kind of food such as wheat allergy, which prevents the owner from eating anything made from

  1. wheat flour
  2. allergies to animal milk
  3. cheese derived from it

Eating it threatens his life with death or very excruciating pain, and for the same reasons.

 Chicken burger kills a young man

A teenager named Owen Curry, 18, died after eating a chicken burger with milk at a London restaurant. Although he told staff about his sensitivity to milk and dairy products.

Byron, when he was celebrating his 18th birthday in 2017, was reassured by the staff of Byron, but his body showed a reaction to food to die and announce his death at St. Thomas Hospital less than an hour after his meal.

The killer meal is from a popular restaurant

Byron, one of Britain’s most famous burgers, has 35 outlets in London and several other locations across the country. But unfortunately Owen’s staff failed to pay attention to what he told them about his sensitivity to milk and dairy products.

Forensic report

In a written statement read before the court judge;

forensic physician Brioni Ballard concluded that the menu did not explain the presence of any allergenic ingredients in the food Curry requested. The staff did not tell him that they were present in the meal. Which contained ingredients from dairy products. What made him suffer from a severe allergic reaction that resulted in his sudden death.

Claim a law requiring restaurants to write their meal ingredients

Outside the court in Southwark;

The Curry family appealed to change the law and require restaurants to accurately

  • Write the ingredients of each meal
  • Full details of allergens on the menu

In order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Tougher training for restaurant staff

The family of 18-year-old victim Owen Carey also called on restaurants in general. In order to train more strictly for its employees and chefs working in order to preserve what their customers say and abide by their requests accurately. Thus wants to use public opinion to pressure the restaurant sector to change the basics of work and print the ingredients of its meals to its customers accurately without neglect Any substance entering the diet.

150 deaths

In the last five years, there have been about 150 deaths due to anaphylaxis of specific foodstuffs in Britain. with most of the victims aged between 15 and 25.

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