Five million and more children starving in Yemen

Five million and more children starving in Yemen

The seven year war in Yemen has not only caused damages but has also engulfed the country into poverty and famine.

Save the Children a NGO group warned that the entire generation will be dead or face starvation on an unprecedented scale. The conflict was initially a civil war but escalated when Iran back Houthi rebels attacked Yemen plunging the country to famine.

“Millions of children don’t know when or if their next meal will come,” said Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International. “This war risks killing an entire generation of Yemen’s children who face multiple threats, from bombs to hunger to preventable diseases like cholera.” Rebels are attacking the most important ports and routes through which aid comes into the country thus disrupting the little ray of hope coming into the country, if this continues to happen around eight million Yemenis dependent will not receive food distributions.

Saudi Arabia is leading the coalition by battling rebels on the Red Sea coast while UAE provides for humanitarian and other military support. Save the Children said four million children are already at risk of starvation and the numbers will climb from there on as the battle escalates. The children are so weak and hungry they can’t cry said Thorning Schmidt.

Food has become a source of war and parents are deciding whether they should pay the doctor to save the child or spend that money in feeding the rest of the family. In the time of famine and poverty, diseases such as cholera are running rampant.

United Nations has called this the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. “Time is running out for aid agencies in Yemen to prevent this country from slipping into a devastating famine and we cannot afford any disruption to the lifeline we are providing for the innocent victims of this conflict,” said World Food Programme director David Beasley.

Ever since Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen the fights in Hodeida city have slowed down but battles are still ongoing in various parts of Hodeida province.