The strangest numbers encyclopedia Guinness 2019

The strangest records in the Guinness Book.

If you’re looking for strangeness, living in astonishment, and wondering, it doesn’t go too far. Present, the encyclopedia Guinness 2019 is still the title of everything strange and out of any familiar in the world.

Next, we present you the strangest records in the Guinness Book during the current year 2019. The number of the strangest numbers in the history of the encyclopedia.

The strangest numbers encyclopedia Guinness 2019

 The biggest stroller for kids game

Usually they are toy carts, made to accommodate the toys our kids throw everywhere.

But the American «Robert Basin» decided to make a stroller in which to put toys, children and families of children at the same time.

In order to break the record of the largest toy car in the world, the size of more than 8 meters, and a length of 3.548 meters.

Bassin broke the figure at the radio station in Chicago, Illinois.

The largest knitting needles

The British girl, Elizabeth Bond, began as an art project for the university, but then turned into a strange world record in the weirdest international encyclopedia.

As she designed and made the largest knitting needles in the world, each length of 4.42 meters.

It is more than 9 centimeters in diameter in the Wiltshire county in the UK.

The heaviest weight carried by a man

It is the British monster Eddie Hall, who broke the heaviest figure in Guinness.

When he managed to lift the largest weight carried by a man in the world, was 500 kg.

The monster «Hall» did so during his participation in the World Championship to carry heavy weights in « First Direct Arena, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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