The electric tide sweeps the world of sports cars

sports cars

After the “economic” cars … The electric tide sweeps the world of sports cars. The companies concerned with the beginning of their electrical transformation with the manufacture and launch of economical electric cars.

Such as:
  • The Lev Fiat and Golf Economical car at reasonable prices to feel the pulse of customers around the world.

The electric tide sweeps the world of “sports” cars

According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur:

The electric propulsion role is no longer limited to specific small economic models and models that are produced privately. The electric tide is also sweeping sports models such as the Audi RS7, BMW Vision M Next and Mercedes AMG GLE 53.

Audi unveiled its new RS7

  1. Which relies on a mild 48-volt hybrid drive system.
  2. Pushing the car at 441 kW-600 hp.
  3. Which helps the car accelerate from stability to 100 km-h in 6.3 seconds.
  4. While Top speed stands at the threshold of 305 km-h.

The recovery of braking energy

  • Thanks to the recovery of braking energy.
  • The hybrid system helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • Although the car is unable to travel any distance with pure electric propulsion.

Audi also confirmed its intention to vigorously enter the electric age by planning the launch of its first pure electric car. The E-Tron GT, and the plug-in hybrid version of its super sports icon R8.

The hybrid propulsion system

For its part, BMW unveiled the Vision M Next sports car, which relies on a plug-in hybrid system, consisting of a four-cylinder turbo engine and an electric motor on both axles.

The hybrid propulsion system roars with a power of 441 kW-600 hp, while the range of pure electric energy is 100 km.

The Projects One sports car

Mercedes, in turn, plans to launch the Project One sports car with a hybrid drive unit. It also intends to rely more on electrical energy in the future.

For example;

  • The new AMG GLE 53 is equipped with a start-up generator.
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