Strengthen memory .. From exercises to foods Choose what suits you

Strengthen memory
How to Improve Short-Term Memory?

Strengthen memory, The human mind is the most complex member of the human body and is fascinating evidence of the ability of the Almighty. which granted to man, and memory is one of the abilities possessed by the human mind.

Where it is able to remember previous situations, experiences and recall them when needed.

Those experiences maybe about

  1. Impressions about people
  2. Facts or habits or scientific and practical experiences
  3. Past experiences, and personal attitudes

This process is like what happens with a computerized sensory device where

  • Data is saved and stored
  • Retrieved and recalled when human need
  • Can be strengthened by memory methods Certain

Foods to strengthen memory

There are many foods that strengthen the memory, including berries and cranberries, where they contain antioxidants that protect against neurological diseases, or loss of memory, forgetfulness, and loss of concentration. Also, there is salmon, which contains fatty acids that work to strengthen memory, as well as its ability As an anti-inflammatory and histamine. Therefore, dieticians recommend taking it twice a week.

Increases memory efficiency

Grapes are also foods that strengthen memory because they contain flavonoids and vitamin C. Which increase the person’s ability to concentrate, and there are also eggplants that contain high levels of antioxidants that keep the heart and brain health.

Red beet contains A high content of nitrite, which works to expand blood vessels. Which in turn increases blood flow to the brain and increases memory efficiency.

Antioxidant foods that

  • Strengthen and preserve memory from the risk of forgetfulness
  • Stimulate the brain and blood circulation

Such as

  1. spinach
  2. tomatoes
  3. mallow
  4. cabbage
  5. broccoli
  6. avocado
  7. walnuts
  8. eggs
  9. carrots
  10. cherries
  11. turmeric
  12. onions, especially red of it
  13. dark chocolate
  14. wheat grains

Memory strengthening exercises

A person with memory impairment or forgetfulness can resort to certain exercises that will help to strengthen memory such as trying to retrieve command or something from the past. Persevering and trying to remember it constantly. Continuing it daily which would activate the work of the brain. By observing and writing a list of 12 words. looking at them for two minutes, and then remove the paper and try to remember the words in it, and it will be difficult at first but with time will remember all the words.

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