Scientists find the secret of the terrifying sound of sizzling

The world are traced back to a magma-filled reservoir deep under the Indian Ocean

There are a lot of mysterious secrets that surround the world around us, and everyday science seeks to reveal these secrets and decipher their strange codes. Perhaps one of these strange things that baffled some sounds of the sizzling that was heard several months ago, for scientists to finally reach this secret.

Scientists find the secret of the terrifying sound of sizzling

Where was the strange sound heard?

According to the British Daily Star newspaper:

A recent study revealed that the strange sound is the whiz of a lake full of volcanic magma located in the Indian Ocean.

The formation of a new underwater volcano

The scientists participating in the study indicated that:

The strange source of sound in the formation of a new underwater volcano.

It was between the cities of:
  • Madagascar and Mozambique off the coast of Mayotte or the death island of France.

How many miles did the magma rise?

According to the study:

The magma rising 20 miles below the ocean floor led to the formation of a new volcano which caused the thunderous sound heard by the entire planet.

In turn, the “Daily Star” quoted “Dr Simon Ceska”

An earthquake expert at the German GFZ Center for Geological Research in the German city of “Potsdam”.

Who prepared the study for his statement to the life science news website for science:

“It only took a few weeks for the volcanic magma to move From the upper mantle to the seafloor where a new volcano was born. ”

When did the sound of pinging begin?

  • The sound of pinging began to sound six months.
  • After the observation of thousands of earthquakes near the French island in May 2018.
  • Noting that in November, seismologists heard a strange sound, as if pinging.
  • Some of his seizures lasted for more than 30 minutes, which aroused the curiosity of the experts.

According to the British newspaper:

  1. It later became clear that a new volcano had formed near Mayotte.
  2. It was more than three miles long and nearly half a mile high.
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