Reed Hastings invaded Hollywood with a PowerPoint launch

Reed Hastings invaded Hollywood with a PowerPoint launch

Approximately three years ago Reed Hastings set out to address a question that had dominated Hollywood over the past decade: How did a small DVD-by – mail corporation create the world’s most successful TV service?

The great vision of Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings, Netflix Inc.’s co-founder and chief executive, has never enjoyed revisiting the history. “There’s no sentimental hair in his body,” says Patty McCord, a close acquaintance and former employee. Yet Hastings also decided to write a book after having outmanoeuvred media barons, telecom conglomerates and entrepreneurs to create a multinational entertainment colossus.

He didn’t want to write a gushy memoir. What Hastings calls “CEO Pontifical Books”. In which corporate bigwigs chronicle their rise to the top of the business world . Offering also their lives as a model for aspiring businessmen. Everybody has left him disappointed. “I also wonder each time I read one. ‘What is Reality? What is it like, actually?” He said, speaking from his home in California, Santa Cruz. Take “The Journey of a Lifetime,” a comment by Bob Iger on his tenure at Walt Disney Co., currently the leading rival to Netflix. The book gave wonderful insights into the early days of Iger at ABC but, in Hastings’ opinion, it was all a little too clean.

Driven by books like “The HP Method” and “Beyond Entrepreneurship“. Hastings has opted to write about what he feels is the true secret to success for Netflix: its society. The theme would also strike as hopelessly boring to others. Who wants to read a time on rules on transport and expenses? But the world of Netflix is already a topic of interest for Silicon Valley and Hollywood — ever since Hastings published a 127-page PowerPoint presentation on the subject in 2009. The slide deck has since been shared by Facebook Inc over 20 million times and has been praised. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is perhaps Silicon Valley’s most groundbreaking paper ever to come out.

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