Places in Sharjah to go to in 2020: Don’t miss them

Best tourist places in Sharjah 2020

Sharjah is the United Arab Emirates’ cultural capital, and its attempts to retain the heritage of the city won Sharjah the status of UNESCO’s Arab World Cultural Center in 1998. Sharjah is jammed full of outstanding sightseeing options for museum and art lovers. The famous Sharjah Museum of Islamic Culture and the Art Museum are the main tourist attractions of the best places in Sharjah to go for most tourists, while the Heritage Area is full of fascinating buildings devoted to the past of Emirats.

Best places in Sharjah

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The first on top of the best places in Sharjah list is Sharjah Museum of Islamic History is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the deep origins of Arab society and Islam. There are many scientific and religious manuscripts on display, as well as a collection of Islamic arts and craft works from the 7th to the 19th century. Particular note features include displays of clay, pottery, and glass, as well as metal handicrafts inlaid with silver, gold, and brass, and astrolabe sets.

The museum houses objects from the Abbasid and Umayyad periods, including a coin set of silver dinars and dirhams, but also explores the far ranging roots of Islamic history, with displays of Mughal and Ottoman craftsmanship.

Sharjah Arts Museum

This state-of-the-art building, one of the largest arts museums in the United Arab Emirates, opened in 1997 and features a permanent collection and a selection of temporary exhibitions. The gallery contains valuable artwork from Sheik Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi’s catalogs. There are 72 galleries distributed over 3 floors, concentrating on works by Arab artists from all over the Islamic world.

Many works of art are by painters of the 18th century who visited the Middle East and were intrigued with the natural world, architecture and history. The Ali Darwish gallery includes Sharjah Aquarelles. The contemporary section includes over 300 works by local, Arab, and international artists. If you’re an art-lover on a stopover weekend in Dubai, this is one of the best places to stay.

Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area is a mix of many museums including the Sharjah Heritage Museum, with exhibitions covering all aspects of traditional Emirati life; the Calligraphy Museum, showcasing this aspect of Arab art; and Bait Al Naboodah, a beautifully restored traditional family home once home to the Al-Shamsi dynasty. They’re a perfect way to dig a bit deeper into typical Emirates society. To find out what it was like before They found oil.

A variety of traditional souk locations, such as the Souk Al Arsah, have also been resurrected. This wide open courtyard souk has been renovated in its original style and now comprises a variety of shops selling silver and wooden handicrafts, shoes, western clothes, and beauty items. That’s another place to go of the best places in Sharjah.

Sharjah Fort

Sharjah Fort (in Arabic called Al Hisn) stands on a plaza at the Heritage District intersection. Established 200 years ago, it has acted as both the town’s defense facility. It’s the main home of Sharjah’s ruling party.

Also, the rooms feature thematic displays that trace Sharjah’s history. As well as the importance of the town as part of the Gulf trade networks. One display documents the late 20th century meticulous restoration of the house. There are also amazing views around the Heritage District from the roof and out into the sea.

The Sharjah City Highlights Private Tour provides a half-day experience of Sharjah’s sights. Like Sharjah Castle, Sharjah Heritage Museum and Souk Al Arsah. The guide will adapt the tour to your tastes. So if you like, you will throw in trips to the Islamic Culture Museum or the Art Museum or a ramble around the Central City. Transportation is also provided with pickup and drop-off from hotels in Dubai.

Al Noor Island

Created in Khalid Lagoon and reached by bridge from Corniche Street in the city centre. This public park is the perfect spot for Sharjah if you’re looking for some peaceful downtime. To recover from shopping and museum exploring. The island incorporates architecture and nature into its design. It also includes gardens littered with sculptures and installations of contemporary art. Some of the most famous artists in the world created them.

The main attraction is the butterfly house of Al Noor Island. Where you also can see around 500 different species of butterfly. One of the best places in Sharjah.


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