Phobia: Strange types that may affect you in the winter

What are you afraid of?

Strange types that may affect you in the winter, while many waits for the winter season to enjoy winter sports and spend holidays under the starry sky on long dark nights. There are others that cause them this cold and narrow season and not feeling comfortable, and it may also come to their disease or phobia.

Strange types of phobia that may affect you in the winter

Learn about 7 types of phobia that affect some in the winter:

  1. Cold phobia
  2. Fear of snow
  3. Fear of air
  4. claustrophobia
  5. Aurora phobia
  6. Filth phobia
  7. Vomiting phobia

Cold phobia

  • Some people are afraid of low air temperatures.
  • While others are afraid of coming into contact with cold objects.
  • This usually occurs because of their negative association with the sensation of cold air.
  • People who are susceptible to this phobia live in very cold countries, due to the long months of cold that fall on them.

Fear of snow

  1. Those who have fears of cold or severe weather may also fear snowstorms, even when they are at home.
  2. These people may be afraid to drive and do normal daily activities when they have to go out in the cold weather with snow.
  3. This fear ranges from mild to severe, and those who live in countries with a cold climate may suffer most from it.

Fear of air

This phobia affects some people during the winter when the wind is strong and very cold, and fear may have many reasons.

Such as:
  • The belief that strong winds may cause a painful event.


  • It is often confused with the fear of enclosed spaces.
  • But detention phobia is related to the fear of being detained in confined spaces with small areas.
  • People who suffer from this phobia suffer greatly during the winter
  • Because of their true fear of losing control and thus falling due to thick ice sheets, or detention Inside their cars.

Aurora phobia

  1. Polar phobia lights may be the least common phobia.
  2. But those with it are genuinely afraid of this phenomenon.
  3. Due to their greater fear of all that is related to astronomical phenomena.
  4. The root of these fears lies in the general fear of unknown future events.

Filth phobia

  • People with this phobia fear being exposed to germs or contamination during the winter season.
  • As influenza is more prevalent due to the winter winds and very cold weather.
  • Which makes some people genuinely afraid of this, and this severe fear may cause OCD.

Vomiting phobia

  1. It lies in the extreme fear of infection and influenza infection, which in turn affects the stomach and makes the person feel unwell.
  2. Those with a phobia may also avoid gathering, for fear of diseases that may cause vomiting.

People with winter terror can get rid of it and relieve their anxiety and fear through psychological counselling. Winter is a constant fact of life, and with work and assistance, they can enjoy it and practice daily activities naturally during it.

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