Netflix makes some films and shows free to non-subscribers

Netflix makes some films and shows free to non-subscribers

Over the past year, Netflix has sought to slightly extend its reach by giving up a title or two to non-paying customers in certain regions. Now the American giant applies this research to customers worldwide — with a wider free catalogue.

Currently, the on-demand video subscription service provides select Netflix Original films and TV shows like “Stranger Stuff,” “Murder Mystery,” “Elite,” “Bird Room,” “Will They See Us,” “The Two Popes,” “Our World,” and Grace and Frankie “to non-paying users across over 200 nations and territories where it runs.

Netflix encourages users to become members

However, there are only first episodes of the shows available for free streaming, in which Netflix asks users to become a member. Much the same, videos are available in full length. There’s also a 30-second ad that runs, but it can be skipped, before you play the song.

“We ‘re looking at numerous marketing campaigns to draw potential customers and give them a better Netflix experience,” a Netflix spokeswoman said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Users should not build an account to watch such free shows or videos, says Netflix. Free browsing, first seen on blog OnlyTech, can only be accessed through web browsers. Netflix states on a help page that Android users can still use this deal from their web browser — but iOS users can’t.

Netflix has been experimenting to make a title free for consumers who are not paying. The entertainment service, which at the end of the second quarter of this year has more than 151 million subscribers. This service had already made “To All the Boys I’ve Dated Before” open to U.S. customers.

It also made “Bard of Blood,” a show that it had created in India, free for users in India. It also made “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” talk show available to users on YouTube for free. Initially the organization had intended to make the two first episodes online on YouTube.

But this is the first time Netflix has made so many shows and movies free. This is to non-paying customers all over the globe (10, to be exact). The organization has not revealed how long the project is going to run.

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