LSU ratings granted by Alums: ‘Rocky,’ ‘Good Things,’

Grant LSU ratings by Alums: 'Rocky,' 'Good Things,'

They are offered to Louisiana State University by the Oscar- and Emmy Award-winning composer who composed scores for movies like “Rocky,” “The Right Thing” and “The Karate Kid”. William “Bill” Conti and his wife, Shelby Cox Conti, donate original scores to LSU for a lifetime, where they meet as students.

LSU Libraries spokeswoman Sigrid Kelsey said in an email Thursday that the William and Shelby Conti Papers are scheduled to arrive later in the autumn.

“We are fortunate to be guardians of one of our own graduates’ life’s work. And privileged to have been part of Bill’s extraordinary artist journey. The generosity of his and Shelby will make Bill ‘s esteemed scores available to our students , faculty and staff, enhancing our musicology and music theory programs, “said Todd Queen, president of the Director of Music & Dramatic Arts College at LSU, in a June 30 press release.

LSU ratings

Conti, who had grown up in Miami, went on a bassoon scholarship to LSU. But he also played piccolo for dance team auditions in the marching band and piano. He met Shelby Cox on an audition for a dance team. Now, they are living in Los Angeles. One of their five grandchildren is also currently in the music school at LSU.

The William and also Shelby Conti Papers will be in Special Collections of LSU Libraries. They include the scores for “The Right Stuff,” which won the Academy Award for best original score, as well as the film series “Rocky,” the film series “Karate Kid,” the film “For Your Eyes Only” and the TV series “Dynasty.”

Conti graduated from LSU in 1963 and also received a Master’s degree from the Juilliard School of Music with honors. He has been an unprecedented 19 times director of music for the Academy Awards. Winning five Emmy Awards for that role. He nominated for 3 Academy Awards, 3 Golden Globes and 13 Emmy Awards. Bill received the prestigious Silver Knight Award from the Miami Herald Media Company. As a senior high school senior at North Miami Senior High School; fellow recipients of this award also included leaders of Fortune 50 companies and top government officials.

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