Kayleigh McEnany decries the cancelation of ‘PAW Patrol’

paw patrol

The Nickelodeon show “PAW Patrol” doesn’t go anywhere, despite White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s suggestion otherwise.

Towards the end of Friday’s press conference, McEnany reported that the show on cartoon rescue dogs “was off” when explaining President Donald Trump ‘s position against canceling society.

According to McEnany, Trump is “consternation by the cancelation of history and the cancelation of society especially because it pertains to the police.”

“We saw a couple of weeks ago that ‘PAW Patrol,’ a police cartoon show, was out,” she said. “The ‘Cops’ series has been postponed. ‘Real PD’ has been scrapped. LEGO has stopped advertising their LEGO City Police Station.”

McEnany went on to state, “It’s just sad, because I’m standing with, and the president is standing with, 63% of Americans who believe that police officers are one of the most valuable positions in this country.”

While “Live PD” and “Cops” stopped from the air in June. “PAW Patrol” is still going on, David Bittler, Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations, Nickelodeon, told USA TODAY.

PAW Patrol is going on

The “PAW Patrol” Twitter page has verified this in a tweet on Friday, telling fans “no need to think about it.”

The LEGO City Police Station set is actually classified as a discontinued product on the company’s website. Although there are other police-theme sets available for purchase. Including a separate City Police Station. Michael McNally, Senior Director of Public Affairs at LEGO. He told USA TODAY that the brand is pulling merchandise as new pieces are online. And that the brand has not ceased selling any LEGO packages.

The representation of police officers in the media went through an investigation. After nationwide demonstrations and disturbances triggered by the death of George Floyd. A Black man who died in the custody of the Minneapolis police in May.

Upon Floyd’s passing, A&E cancelled “Live PD,” which debuted in 2016 and was in its fourth season. The announcement comes a day after the network admitted this. The series had ruined a recording of the shooting of a Black man. During a 2019 traffic encounter in Texas.

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