Kanye West drew crowds to the first event for presidency

Kanye West drew crowds to the first event for presidency

Rapper Kanye West delivered a lengthy monolog Sunday on issues from contraception and morality to foreign trade and licensing agreements in his first event since announcing himself a US presidential candidate. It remains a mystery whether he is currently holding the nation’s highest office.

West said that while he maintains that abortion should be legal, financial benefits may be a means of stopping the procedure to help combat mothers.

“Anyone who has a baby is having a million dollars,” he said as an example.

Kanye West for presidency

The entertainer performed to an audience in North Charleston, S.C., wearing a safety vest and with “2020” etched into his cheek. According to a video of the gathering, it appeared that several hundred people had assembled in a venue where gospel music played until the introduction of Kanye West.

The event was officially for invited visitors only, but no registration or RSVP information was available on a campaign website.

At one point, speaking without a microphone, West was tearful while thinking about his mother , who died after complications of plastic surgery in 2007.

Kanye West has missed the deadline in some states to apply for the ballot. So it’s uncertain if he’s willing or able to gather the signatures needed to register in others. He applied to be on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot last week. The first state in which he fulfilled the criteria prior to the filing deadline.

Kanye West has to gather 10,000 signatures by midday Monday to end up on the ballot in South Carolina, according to state law. The entertainer has tweeted a list of sites around the Charleston region where signatures can be signed. Sunday afternoon, email to an account allegedly connected to the movement was not returned.

Kanye West has been a strong advocate of the United States in the past. Elect Donald Trump. Who later launched at the White House in October 2018 with the elect. Where he and Trump held a long and rambling press conference.

Yet West claims he’s “taking off the red hat” in a four-hour interview with Forbes Magazine published on July 8. And just days after announcing he’d be making a presidential bid. And no longer supports Trump.

West, married to Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, first announced his candidacy on July 4.

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