Will Smith & Jada Pinkett reveal marital issues on Facebook

Jada and Will Smith reveal marital issues on Facebook

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith reaffirmed their loyalty to one another with their union under social-media pressure when also Pinkett Smith admitted having a romance with singer August Alsina when she and Smith were divorced.

In a one-on-one conversation on Friday on the series “Red Table Talk” by Pinkett Smith, she said she also discussed Alsina’s reported comments reluctantly because of the public speculation that they provoked.

Which began as a friendship and family initiative to support Alsina with his well being about four years ago, at a time when she and Smith felt their marriage was over, Pinkett Smith said, became a “special kind of entanglement”

Jada and Will Smith

They repeated one another at one point in the discussion, saying also: “We fly together. We ‘re dying together. Poor marriage for good, “an allusion to Smith‘s” Poor Girls “franchise also as a catchphrase.

The two are together since 1997 and have two daughters, Jaden and Willow. Each sometimes seemed awkward also during their talk show exchanges.

An Alsina official did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pinkett Smith, who appeared in two “Matrix” movies, wondered if Alsina was going to bring up the episode again, saying that he had cut off contact with her. He also pressed back on the suggestion that Smith had also given her consent to the affair. Alsina quoted as saying the actor had given his “blessing” in an interview.

“Under this particular situation, the only one willing to grant consent is me”. Pinkett Smith said, then cut Alsina slack for his remarks.

“I could see how he would potentially interpret that as permission, as we were friendly apart. And I suppose he wants to make it obvious, too. That he is not a homewrecker, because he is not,” she also said.

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